Zone 3 Buoyancy Shorts Review

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Zone 3 Buoyancy Shorts Review

The Zone 3 Buoyancy Shorts are quite simply a pair or neoprene swim shorts for training in the pool. They fit snug and are comfortable for long sets, they also don't deteriorate following sustained use in chlorinated water, so will last a long time!

Why use them?

Lots of amateur swimmers and triathletes struggle with the dreaded 'low legs' syndrome, which slows them down in the water. If your legs hang low, you create a lot of drag and this makes swimming long distances more of a challenge.

Due to 'low legs' lots of amateur swimmers will notice that they swim faster with a pull buoy due to the added buoyancy. In fact, we all know someone who spends all of their time swimming with a pull buoy, you'll rarely see them without it. We can all make excuses as to why we use the pullbuoy (it mimics wetsuit swimming??) but the reality is, we use the pull buoy as it makes swimming easier.

Why are the shorts better?

The issue with using a pull buoy is that you can't use your legs, as they're 'clamping' the pullbuoy in place. As a result, your legs are 'switched off' and don't get used. This can become a viscious circle:

1. Leg kick and core balance is poor leading to low legs in the water
2. Use a pull buoy to assist and raise legs
3. Legs switch off as they're not getting used
4. Leg kick and core balance becomes worse as you're not using your legs

Using the Zone 3 buoyancy shorts will allow you to use / kick your legs as normal, whilst still giving you buoyancy and balance in the water. They don't impact on your normal stroke, but give you a lift and a boost, therby helping you to complete longer and faster sessions in the pool.

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