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Swim Club Blog: A little less conversation and a little more action please...

The Endurance Store Swim Club provides you with simple swim training plans throughout the winter months. The plan runs October to October and is completely free. We only ask that you pre-register so that your training plans can be emailed directly.

Registration is free and you may unsubscribe at any time from the Swim Club and stop receiving updates. Overview of the swim plan be seen below, but before you start you need to complete a test to set your swim paces, then register and download the sessions. GO HERE to register for swim club.

We're now starting week 9 of Swim Club. If you've been following the sessions so far, I hope you're enjoying them, if not, then now is the time to start getting into the routine. You'll notice that there is a novice, intermediate and advanced session for each week, The main difference is the volume of the session, with advanced swimmers generally doing 3000m.

How much should I be doing?

The main reason that the advanced session is 3000m, is that most people tend to fit their swimming into 1 hour time slots. Many triathlon club swim sessions tend to be 1 hour, so 3000m is probably the optimal distance. From experience, most triathletes tend to do 2500m swim sessions, with a 1500m main set.

Is that enough?

Well no, it's not really. Here's the thing, if you're training for Ironman, you have to swim hard for 3800m and be fresh enough to ride 112 miles and then run a marathon. You really should be able to swim 3800m and finish feeling absolutely fine, so a swim session with 1500m of hard swimming as the main set, really is not enough. Sometimes we need to look at the obvious facts and tell ourselves some hard truths.

If you are already a competent swimmer, you really should aim for the 3000m advanced distance as a minimum for the winter. If it takes more than an hour, then it takes more than an hour.

Make it count!

It's key that you make your swim sessions count and maximise your time. Everyone constantly complains about the lack of time available to train, so make sure you use it wisely. There can be way too much time wasted in the pool. People are late starting, they spend too much time talking and then take too much recovery between each block. You don't need to take 3 minutes after the warm up before starting your kick and you don't need to take another 3 minutes before starting your main set. Start warming up as soon as you get it and make the session continuous, without large breaks. More importantly, keep the talking for the showers after the swim.

Remember, if you're doing Ironman, it's 3800m of hard swimming without a break and you need to get out feeling fresh. Is a 1500m main set enough for preparation? I think you can work that one out for yourself. After Christmas, we'll be going beyond 3000m and increasing the distance, so you'll need more than an hour for 1 of your weekly swims. If you think that's a lot, it's time to adjust your perception of whether you're doing enough. Remember.... you entered it, not me, and you knew how far it was when you pressed the confirmation button.

If you found this blog useful, please share as it helps us a great deal.

Marc Laithwaite
The Endurance Store

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