SWIM CLUB BLOG: January and beyond!!

The Endurance Store Swim Club provides you with simple swim training plans throughout the winter months. The plan runs October to October and is completely free. We only ask that you pre-register so that your training plans can be emailed directly.

Registration is free and you may unsubscribe at any time from the Swim Club and stop receiving updates. Overview of the swim plan be seen below, but before you start you need to complete a test to set your swim paces, then register and download the sessions. GO HERE to register for swim club.

January is here and we are ready for the big push towards the 2017 season! We are now on week 13 of the plan and the 3 sessions are:

1. Endurance
2. Threshold
3. Mixed stroke

Your objectives for the sessions are as follows:

1. Endurance: This is a longer session and you should be aiming for 3000m+. If you are an advanced swimmers then 3500m is your target, intermediate swimmers, it's time to start increasing the distance. To enable you to swim 3500m, you should ensure that you are swimming at the right pace. The sessions are L3, this is 3-5 seconds per 100m slower than your threshold speed (target 400m pace). Work out your L3 pace and then ensure that you swim controlled from the start and don't swim too quickly. By controlling the pace, it'll be easier for you to pass the 3000m mark and work towards the 3500m distance. If you are novice/intermediate swimmer, the only difference between your set and the the 'advanced set' is the distance is further. There's no reason why as an intermediate swimmer, you can't choose to do the 'advanced set' and swim 3500m. This session will take longer than an hour, so do this session on a day when you have 90 minutes. Remember, there are 2 KEY OBJECTIVES and these are pacing (L3 is critical) and swimming 3000m+. If you're racing Ironman, then you should be targeting 3500m and this session will build to 4000m. 

2. Threshold: This session is slightly shorter (2500m-3000m) but the pace should be faster. Your threshold pace is target 400m pace, it should be 3-5 seconds per 100 quicker than the endurance session. The recoveries are slightly longer for the threshold session, to allow you to maintain a faster pace. If you need long recoveries during the ENDURANCE session, you're swimming too fast. Use the pace clock and note your speed per 100m. It's all too frequent that swimmers swim at the same pace, whatever the session. There needs to be a clear difference in pace between L3 Endurance and L4 Threshold paces. The session doesn't need to be longer than 2500-3000m, focus on the speed/quality rather than the distance, get out of your comfort zone and work hard to hold those faster paces!

3. Mixed Stroke: Continue with the mixed stroke session as there are so many benefits. Breaststroke is great for upper body strength and 'catch' when swimming crawl, backstroke (use your fins if your rubbish) is great for balance in the water and kicking. the conditioning you get from mixing the strokes will stand you in good stead when swimming open water and it will also prevent you getting bored!

So that's it, one mixed session for overall conditioning, one endurance session which must build in distance whilst controlling the pace (L3) and one faster session (L4) which should be 3-5 seconds per 100m quicker than the endurance set. It's simple, now all you have to do it go to the pool at do it.

Roll on 2017, it's going to be a great year!

The Endurance Store Swim Club