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Does 'mental toughness' exist? Probably not...

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Anyone who tells you that endurance racing is all about 'mental toughness' or 'mental strength' and NOT about physical training, probably hasn't done enough miles in training. I'm not a fan of the terms 'mental toughness' as I think it's a load of rubbish. In fact, the people who spout how 'mentally tough' they are the ones who generally drop out, whilst the quiet, unassuming, unnoticed person just keep going. The reality is this. If you've done a lot of training, you'll feel fine for most of the event. If you haven't, you'll start to get tired and your mood...

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Running slow is not a waste of time... why do we never discuss damage?

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We've been blogging over the last few weeks about run training and specifically how to put your training plan together for 2018. You can join in the discussions on our Facebook run coaching group. Do you need new running shoes, clothing or equipment? We are The Endurance Store, an independent running, swimming and triathlon store in Wigan, Lancashire. We support the local events, we support the local community. We're one of the last few little shops, trying to compete with the big boys. Please consider us for next time! Zone 1 / Maff running is just too slow... it's a...

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'Technique Threshold' may be the key to unlocking run potential..

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If you follow our run coaching blogs, you know that we focus on 3 main elements: 1. Speed & technique - Very short and fast stuff2. The engine - Harder running and interval work3. Durability & economy - Longer, slower running Speed and technique work revolves around running very short distances (50-150m) at maximal speeds, with long recoveries. Speed and technique work is not about fitness, it's about being able to move your limbs at speed in a coordinated manner. We've said many times before that if you can't run fast for even 100m, how can you expect yourself to...

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Buying the right running shoes, is pronation such a bad thing?

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What is pronation? Pronation refers to the action of the foot when we walk or run. There's a few things going on during this process, but the overall outcome and a simple explanation is that the foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls inwards onto the arch of the foot and then we push off with the big toe. We've written a couple of blogs recently regarding gait analysis and shoe selection and we've talked about pronation during those posts. Why is pronation such a bad word? In recent years as shoe companies have developed different types...

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Training With A Heart Rate Monitor - What You Need To Know

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Heart rate (HR) training is an easy way to ensure that your weekly training is structured and effective, but during 12 years that we have been coaching endurance athletes, we have gained a great deal of experience and insight which we'd like to share with you. Heart rate monitors can be great training tools, but there are some significant limitations. Benefits of Heart Rate Training 1. HR monitors are relatively cheap to purchase and easy to use. 2. They can potentially provide an accurate gauge to how hard your body is working at 'aerobic' intensities (longer and steady training sessions)....

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