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If you follow our run coaching blogs, you know that we focus on 3 main elements: 1. Speed & technique - Very short and fast stuff2. The engine - Harder running and interval work3. Durability & economy - Longer, slower running Speed and technique work revolves around running very short distances (50-150m) at maximal speeds, with long recoveries. Speed and technique work is not about fitness, it's about being able to move your limbs at speed in a coordinated manner. We've said many times before that if you can't run fast for even 100m, how can you expect yourself to...

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What is pronation? Pronation refers to the action of the foot when we walk or run. There's a few things going on during this process, but the overall outcome and a simple explanation is that the foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls inwards onto the arch of the foot and then we push off with the big toe. We've written a couple of blogs recently regarding gait analysis and shoe selection and we've talked about pronation during those posts. Why is pronation such a bad word? In recent years as shoe companies have developed different types...

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