The Endurance Blog: Nutrition For Winter Training

So you're probably well into your winter training by now. It can be a particularly challenging time of year, due to the cold and wet weather, placing extra physical demands upon you. Illness is more common in winter and if you find yourself in a constant state of tiredness due to heavy training and other commitments, you're in the high risk group!

Here's our key points for fueling this winter:

1. If you're trying to improve your fat burning efficiency, you may well be avoiding sports nutrition products altogether. Be careful you don't overdo it, training hard without fuel can lead to you being run down. If you're attempting fasted sessions, avoid fuel for the first hours, then fuel as normal (as per guidelines below) after that.

2. The most effective carbohydrate intake should be 60g per hour. You can get this from drinks, gels, energy bars or other food. Calculating how much to eat is easy. Look at how many grams of carbohydrate are in each energy bar and eat one every same number of minutes. For example, if there's 45g of carbohydrate per bar, eat one every 45 minutes.

3. Eat a minimum of 30g per hour. If you're trying to reduce carbohydrate intake to maximise fat use etc, then 30g per hour should be your minimum. Take the example above, if your bar has 45g of carbohydrate, then double that figure, 2X45 = eat one every 90 minutes.

4. Hydration is really important for performance and staying healthy. When it's cold, we often forget to drink and you can return from a long run/ride with your bottle still full of fluid! Drink 500ml per hour as minimum and include electrolytes, especially if your bars/gels don't include electrolytes.

6. Carbohydrate is key as it is required for your immune system to function correctly. Running yourself down through exercise makes you more susceptible to illness. Avoid drinking from other people's bottles, as they've probably got a cold themselves!

7. When it's cold, your metabolism will increase to generate more heat. This places more importance on replacing carbohydrates as you train.

If you need any nutrition advice, call into store or call us on 01257 251217. We've got a large selection of nutrition products to get you through the winter period!

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