TES Trail Runner Tackle Grizedale Night Runner

Richard Bardon and Dan Miller made the trek to Grizedale for the festive Petzl night runner and came back with some prizes! Written by Richard Bardon:

The excuses started early. I picked up Dan and as soon as the door was closed there was an over-powering smell of Deep Heat. Dan then explained he had a 'hurry' knee and wasn't sure how he would get on. We arrived and registered and then went for a warm up. Conditions were ideal and we were soon lining up ready to start, to the sounds of a local brass band playing Christmas carols.

There were a few familiar faces including Kie Jackson who gave the age-old excuse of being tired just because he's got a baby. Obviously no one had any sympathy especially when he shot off at the start. Dan followed suit and he disappeared off into the darkness. I set off at a more civilised pace but soon started to pick off a few people who had gone off a bit quick up the first hill. This included Kie who I didn't realise I'd passed until the end, typical example of youngster speed, but no endurance.

Grizedale is a funny race in that there is no light anywhere. I never know where I am and you don't see the finish until you are about 400 metres from it. In the end it was a good result for the Endurance Store Trail Race team with Dan, despite his 'hurry knee' finishing 2nd and I managed 3rd overall and first old man.

Well done to Lloyd Biddell from Mercia Fell runners with an incredible winning time of 36 minutes for a very challenging 10k course!

The next race is Rivington Nightrunner on 14th January. This is one of our favourite races and is always good fun! That's followed by Grizedale half/full marathon at the beginning of feb, so plenty to look forwards to!