TES Trail Team Tackle Grizedale Trail 26

The TES Trail Team made the trip to Grizedale Forest for the Montane Trail 26 season opener. It's always a popular event and the boys had low expectations, which matched their ability. Rich tells the story of their suffering.

The Endurance Store Trail Race team were out in force (well, Dan and me) last weekend at the Montane Trail 26 race Grizedale Forest. I've done the half marathon before so, just for a change I decided to do the full marathon. Prior to the event everyone had said how much tougher and technical the second loop is. The weather was forecast to be perfect, although the drizzle we encountered on the way to the race stuck with us for most of the 1st loop (Editor: In cartoon style, did a small cloud just follow you round the whole course, raining on your head?)

The 1st loop seemed to be over fairly quickly and that is when the fun began. Stopping at the feed station was nearly a mistake, Chris and Uncle Terry were having a cup of coffee and I have never been so tempted to stop and join them. The biggest motivation to keep going was the thought of the abuse that I would get for stopping (Editor: Just to reassure you did the right thing, I can confirm that you would have been slaughtered on here and social media).
The second loop is a lot tougher but a lot more interesting. I found I was enjoying the climbs more than the downs, mainly because my hip flexors seem to be protesting at every opportunity. It's probably old age, before the Editor gets in with a comment!! (Editor: Kill joy).

In the end I finished in just over 4 hours and 13th place and really enjoyed myself. Hats off to Chris Tomlinson from Clayton-le-Moors harriers for winning in a truly amazing time of 2:57! He completed the first loop in 1:20 which would have won the half marathon by about 5 minutes. What could he run on a flat, road marathon? (Editor: Now you have something to aim for in 2017, if you ageing and poorly hip flexors are ok).
As always this was a brilliantly organised race on a cracking course. Dan 'jogged' round the half and still came fifth. He's had a bit of a cough recently, but at least he raced. Our third counter Rich Smith continued his excuses for not racing because he was moving house.
Next week we have one of my favourite local races, Parbold Hill race (report coming soon). I've heard a few excuses already (not mentioning any names who may have a virus/ trains hard on a Friday and won't be fresh) (Editor: Keep it coming... adds to the fire).
Having said that we should have a full team out which includes Dan, Rich Smith, Marc, Wayne and me. Surely we should have 4 finishers from this. Bring your wellies, this could be a muddy one! (Editor: At time of writing, Parbold results are in and didn't quite go to plan.... there's a shocker).

Well done to the trail 26 team, the next event in the series is Dalemain 10, February 26th. You can find out more HERE

Tune in next time for the Parbold Race Report. Will Rich S have finished moving house? Will Bardon's hip flexors handle the hill? Will Dan bring his wellies? All will be revealed in the next dull installment of TES Trail Team On Tour. Until then, keep running!