Open Water Swim Coaching 2020

There will be 3 swim sessions: Tuesday 8:00-9:30am, Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm and Saturday 8:30-9:30am. You need to register below and on Friday each week, we will send you by email, the link to register for each swim the following week.

To Register For Wednesday & Saturday Open Water Swimming 2020 Click Here

Social distancing measures we'll be adopting:

1. The swims will be limited to 100 people (consider that our largest attendance last year was 230).
2. You'll need to pay in advance online to book your slot, so there's no registration or payment on night.
3. Briefing will be online, not on the night.
4. No spectators are allowed to come, it's strictly swimmers only. The only exception is youngsters who wish to swim, may need 1 parent to drive them and this will be allowed.
5. We will not be running coached groups, we will simply be swimming laps of the lake and will give you some ideas for sessions / distances you can swim.
6. We may take a little more time to get everyone into the water, so please be patient.

*The lake is 1250m for a single loop, giving 12.5m distancing per person and you have more than enough space to pass 10m to the left or right.
*We will not be doing wetsuit hire at the venue, you will need your own suit.
We'll be posting the posting the registration form on our Facebook page and emailing it to everyone who has registered for open water swimming, this Friday. The cost will be £6 for all swimmers (£5 normally) as we have the same costs, but less swimmers. We also have to include the cost of the transaction online, due to booking in advance.
If you'd like to receive the link to book sessions, please ensure that you have registered for this year by following the link further down. If you're not sure if you've registered, simply do it again.

What's the format for the sessions?


The minimum age for open water swimming is 12 years of age on the day. PLEASE NOTE - Anyone under the age of 16 is required to use a SWIM FLOAT if they wish to swim, for safety reasons.

How does open water swimming work?

Saturday swimming consist of simply swimming laps of the lake, but there will be some structured time trials / races should you wish to take part. Wednesdays will be 4 coached groups, ranging from novice through to advanced. The novice group focuses on basic open water swimming skills such as sighting, swimming in a straight line and dealing with nerves. Nick Bennett who leads this group teaches a different aspect of front crawl each week, so it's perfect for those starting out, who need tuition and to build their confidence. You can hire a wetsuit for the night if you want to 'give it a try' for only £10. 

The advanced groups are more focused on conditioning with sessions ranging from 2500-3500m per week , with the majority at race pace or faster. All swimmers will be part of a structured session and under the observation of a coach, there is no option for you to enter the water and swim alone.

What do I need before I can attend open water swimming?

Before you join us at open water swimming you must register in advance. This is totally free and it requires you to provide us with some basic personal information. All of this information is protected and will be used to help us plan the training sessions to the best of our ability. By providing this information you are also preventing the need for time consuming registration processes on the evening of each swim and allow us to start at 7:00pm prompt each evening. The registration document only needs to be completed once and you must complete it at least 6 hours before your first visit:

To Register For Wednesday & Saturday Open Water Swimming 2020 Click Here

Can I hire a wetsuit?

Wetsuit hire will be available (limited number) and will cost £10 for the evening. All suits must be  booked in advance and will be first come, first serve basis. Call The Endurance Store on 01257 251217 for more info. The suits are only available for hire on Wednesday evenings, not for events.

How do I get to open water swimming?

The location is close to the centre of Wigan, to view directions GO HERE

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