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Training & Events

The Bat Run Series

The Bat Run Series is a series of free trail running events which take place from October through to March. The course varies each week (generally 4-5 miles) and is marked with reflective signs which will illuminate when you shine your head torch on them. You need a good pair of off road shoes (courses tend to be muddy) and a good quality head torch. The event briefing is 6:30pm, so arrive at the shop from 6:00pm to register. It's free to take part, but you must bring cake to one of the events throughout the winter period. You can keep up to date with the Bat Run Series on our Facebook page.

Bat Run Results

Bat Run 1 - The Fashionable Badger

Bat Run 2 - The Cheeky Monkey

Bat Run 3 - The Chicken Dipper

Bat Run 4 - Nightmare On Cow Shit Field

Bat Run 5 - The Roman Candle

Bat Run 6 - The Poppy Run

Bat Run 7 - Joss's Birthday Run

Bat Run 8 - The Ratty Tatty

Bat Run 9 - The Super Hero

Bat Run 10 - The Fraggle Rocker

Bat Run 11 - Moss Chops

Bat Run 12 - Run Run Rudolph

Bat Run 13 - The Hogmanay Hammer

Bat Run 14 - The Baby Chase

Bat Run 15 - HOLY COW!!

Bat Run 16 - Burns Night Burn

Bat Run 17 - The Power Of Grayskull

Bat Run 18 - The Macca Packer

Bat Run 19 - The Black Tie Bash

Bat Run 20 - CANCELLED

Bat Run 21 - The Final Fling

Saturday Morning Trail Club

Saturday Morning Trail Club takes place every Saturday morning leaving 8:30am from the shop (arrive before). There are 3 groups, routes are 6 miles (group 1) and 11-14 miles (groups 2 & 3). This is a social run for all ability levels, there are no official group leaders so check the route each week on our Facebook page, come along and join in. You need good quality trail shoes as routes are likely to be very muddy.

The Triathlon HUB

The Triathlon HUB is a triathlon, running, swimming and cycling group within Wigan and the surrounding areas. We organise a wide range of training activities and most are free to attend. You do not have to be a member and we welcome people of all ability levels. For more information visit