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Constructed to provide comfort and support even after miles of wear, the Injinji Womens Ultra Run Crew features cushioned terry throughout the entire foot and toes, to help soften the impact of tough runs and workouts on feet. The narrower profile is designed specifically for the contours of a women’s foot—the five-toe design prevents blisters, splays toes naturally and wicks away moisture. The Women’s Ultra Run Crew, hitting at mid-calf, also features a ribbed knit throughout the leg for a tighter, more ergonomic fit.

Ultra marathons demand performance that handles hours of running on varied terrain. Our Injinji Womens Ultra Run series features our midweight cushioned terry underfoot and around each toe. It’s a unique approach that creates truly comprehensive cushioning – toe sleeves included – to soften the repeated impact encountered during ultras. Our patented five-toe design eliminates skin-on-skin friction between your toes, promotes a natural splay on impact, and frees you to utilise your entire foot on shifting terrain. Our Ultra Run socks are available in crew and no-show heights and feature gender-specific designs.