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MAURTEN Drink Mix 160 Sachet

MAURTEN Drink Mix 160 Sachet


Stay fuelled like the pros, with the Maurten 160 Drink Mix Box of 18, a favourite hydration choice for marathon runners Galen Rupp and Wilson Kipsang. A world first in sports drinks, the 160 utilises patent-pending hydrogel technology. Designed to deliver carbohydrates and electrolytes to your intestine without causing any stomach discomfort, the carbs are encapsulated for higher tolerance.

Each sachet contains 40 grams of carbohydrates and is designed to be mixed with 500mls of water. Containing only five ingredients, you can be sure that you're only ingesting natural products, and those that your body really needs to perform at its peak. No flavours, colours, preservatives or acids have been added and the taste is neutral with a very mild aftertaste.

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