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PowerBar Energize Bar

PowerBar Energize Bar


PowerBar's Energize Energy Bar are the go-to energy bar for so many athletes the world over for these simple reasons: they taste fantastic and are easily digestible thanks to their special carbohydrate mixture and 13% fruit content, their soft texture means they are easily chewed and digestible, making them perfect for wolfing down on climbs or tough rides where every breath is needed.

Using the C2Max formulation, the Energize Bar delivers carbohydrates in an expedited manner so as to minimise muscle fatigue and maximise your efficient energy burn.

  • Easily digestible due to special carb mixture and just 2g fat per bar
  • With extra sodium, the key electrolyte to compensate sweat loss
  • No artificial flavours, preservatives and colours
  • Suggested use: before and during sport activities

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