Surfers Skin Balm

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Surfers Skin Balm is a blend of premium natural fine oils and waxes to protect your skin from salt water rash, abrasion and chafing in a wetsuit. Simply smooth onto the skin before putting on the wetsuit wherever the suit causes rubbing - around the neckline, under arm or at the groin to stay happy!

The balm will withstand long periods of immersion whilst you are surfing or taking part in any water-based activity. It is also an excellent barrier against water-borne infection - just spread a little onto your skin before you go into the water. This skin balm can be applied after surfing to help prevent further rubbing - this is a must-have for all swimmers

The essential oils include Grapefruit oil to help prevent infection with its disinfectant properties, Lemongrass oil which has anti-inflammatory properties, and Geranium and Clary Sage oils helps to keep skin in good condition.

Available in a recyclable/resuable 60g tin.