Zone3 Neoprene Swim Glove

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The perfect addition to your cold water swimming kit list, the Zone3 Neoprene Swimming Gloves keep your hands protected from the cold water.

The primary function of the Zone3 open water swimming gloves is to keep your hands insulated from the cold. The body’s extremities such as hands and feet always feel the cold the most so these gloves are designed to allow swimming in cold water be more manageable.

After testing all the other swimming gloves on the market Zone3 found that they nearly all started ballooning with water during swimming and started to slip off the hands. A design solution was found by increasing the length of the gloves so they can be tucked over or under the wetsuit to ensure no exposed skin and adding a touch closure strap to keep the glove in place.

Natural Swim Feeling - Zone3 have also removed the webbing between the fingers, which other brands tend to use, to make swimming feel much more natural and less fatiguing.