Bike Fitting Session

Our bike fitting service is ideal for cyclists and triathletes alike, whether you're novice or experienced. The process involves an analysis of your current bike set up, coupled with an assessment of your posture, strength and flexibility. We merge the data together and adjust your bike to fit, whilst providing you with advice which can help you to ride in the required position. Standard bike fitting services will focus upon adjusting the bike to match your comfort levels, our bike fitting service highlights the fact that it may be one who needs adjusting to fit the bike. How long does it take? The service generally lasts 60-90 minute depending upon the amount of work required. Who is it for? The service is for anyone, novice through to elite. It has been developed for those people who own bikes and wish to adapt the position, whether road or time trial format. The service is not for people who do not own bikes and wish to know their sizing before buying. For this we recommend you visit your local bike shop as manufacturers of bikes vary in their sizing methods. Where is it? The Endurance Store, Appley Lane North, Appley Bridge, Wigan, WN6 9AE. How much does it cost? A full bike fit is £75 which includes a post-fit report and recommendations, but does not include any spare bike parts which may be required for alterations. When do they take place? We can complete a bike fit Mon-Fri between 10:00am - 5:00pm and Saturday may also be available How do I book? CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE Need more information?
Tel: 01257 251217