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Lactate Threshold Test

Book at lactate threshold test with The Endurance Coach for £75. The fee includes a 1 hour testing session, a post-test coaching consultation and 16 week training plan.

What is the lactate threshold test protocol?

Following a 10 minute warm up period on the Watt Bike (you will need your own shoes and pedals), or treadmill the workload is progressively increased, each incremental step lasting 4 minutes in length. This process continues until you are forced to abandon the test, the number of steps required can range between 5 & 9 (20-36 minutes total in length). Prior to commencing the test we will take a resting finger prick blood sample and further samples at the end of each incremental step. The test results are specific to each discipline and can vary significantly.

Why should I get a lactate threshold test?

The lactate threshold test is perhaps the best indicator of your optimal ‘race pace’. The ‘lactate threshold’ has been used successfully to gauge training and racing intensities for longer events whilst the ‘lactate turnpoint’ provides a clear indication of pacing for shorter events. Utilizing the information from the lactate threshold test we can identify the most appropriate training and racing intensities for your chosen event distances and establish accurate training zones.

From the lactate threshold test you will identify:

  • Lactate threshold
  • Lactate turnpoint
  • Relevant heart rate markers
  • Calculation of training zones

Following the test you will receive structured feedback and training suggestions which can be integrated into you regular programme.

How much does a lactate threshold test cost?

The full cost for a lactate threshold test is £75, the testing session will last approximately 2 hours in total.

How do I book a lactate threshold test?


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