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Metabolic Rate Test

What is a metabolic rate test?

A metabolic rate test is a simple procedure which does not involve any physical activity. The test takes approximately half an hour to complete and involves you wearing a breathing mask whilst seated at rest, to collect and analyse expired air.

The test will calculate your daily calorie usage and more importantly, it will indicate whether your body is choosing to use fat as a fuelk source or carbohydrates. The diet that you eat can influence metabolism, for example a high sugar diet can result in a 'sugar burning' metabolism. This makes it very difficult to lose weight as your body is choosing not to use fat as a fuel source.

Our simple assessment will indicate the fuels your body uses throughout the day and we can give simple and practical advice with regards to changes required and how to make them. To book a test, simply complete the online registration and we'll get back to you to arrange a date. The cost for metabolic rate assessment is £40.

How do I book a test?


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