Personal Coaching

The Endurance Coach provide bespoke coaching plans for endurance athletes of all abilities who want to maximise their training. Whether you’re training for your first event or regularly competing The Endurance Coach have the coaching and competitive experience to help you achieve your goals.

Sports Science Testing

To ensure the coaching is specific to the individual’s requirements a VO2 max bike or run test (worth £80) is included at the start of the programme and subsequently every 20 weeks. The test assesses fat burning efficiency, provides accurate heart rate training zones and measures physiological adaptations as training progresses.

The coaching service includes:

1. Initial consultation and sports science testing session at The Endurance Coach testing facility
2. Sports science testing session every subsequent 20 weeks
3. 4-weekly rolling bespoke training program
4. Regular training feedback and advice
5. Nutrition strategies for training and competition
6. Psychological considerations for training and competition

Cost: £95 / month (inc. set up fees and all sports science testing) Please note: The Endurance Coach don’t provide generic programs or subscribe to the cut-and-paste approach when writing training schedules. Each program is written to your specific requirements.

Who's your coach?

Nick Thomas is an experienced ultra-endurance athlete and multisports coach. He started triathlon in 1994, competed at Ironman for 10 years and raced at the Hawaii Ironman World Championship in 2002 and 2003. After achieving a BSc in Podiatry he returned to competition at the 2011 Lanzarote Double Enduroman and finished 2nd at the UK Triple Enduroman. He now competes in ultramarathons and was the 2013 England Athletics Ultra Champion.

Nick has coached numerous endurance athletes since 1999. He's a BTF Level 3 coach, CHEK Practitioner strength and conditioning coach and a lead triathlon coach at Manchester Triathlon Club.

As well as writing the Endurance Store bike fitting blog Nick has also contributed to several articles in Cycling Plus and Triathlon Plus.

For further information or to discuss the coaching service in more detail, contact Nick Thomas tel: 07968 140256 email: To register for personal coaching, click the PayPal button below.