VO2 Max Test

Book a VO2 test with The Endurance Coach for £60. The fee includes a 1 hour testing session, a post-test coaching consultation and training guidance.

What is the VO2 max testing protocol?

VO2 testing is a maximal test on the treadmill or Watt bike, depending upon your sport. The intensity is gradually increased at 1 minute intervals until you cannot sustain the required workload and you are forced to stop the test. Most athletes are forced to abandon the maximal phases of each test following 7-9 minutes of exercise. Following the maximal test we will calculate VO2 max (ml/kg/min), anaerobic threshold and peak heart rate. The test results are use to analyse your personal areas of strength and weakness and also to calculate your training zones.

From the VO2 max test you will identify:

VO2 max (ml/kg/min) and peak aerobic power / run speed
Aerobic & Anaerobic threshold (measured by gas exchange)
Energy usage for any given heart rate
Calculation of training zones
The most suitable type of training for YOU

Why should I do a VO2 test?

Don't be put off by the name VO2 test, the reality is that the VO2 max figure is the least important piece of data from the whole test. Whether you are training for shorter events or longer distances, our testing session will identify your strengths and weaknesses. We can pinpoint the areas which are in need of most improvement and tell you the specific type of training which will be right for you. We test a series of key performance markers and take each into account to develop a personal profile. Following the consultation you will know exactly how to train in the months ahead and you will fully understand your own physiology and why we have prescribed the training.

How much does a VO2 max test cost?

The full cost for VO2 max testing is £60, the session will last approximately 1 hour. Following that, we'll discuss your results and explain full how to alter you training schedule, based upon your goals.

When can I do the test?

We have testing slots available on Tuesday & Friday (day time only) and on Saturdays. When you book a test, we will contact you to arrange a suitable date.

How do I book a test?

Click the PayPal button below to pay and we'll automatically contact you. Alternatively, email testing@theendurancecoach.com first and we'll arrange.