Sports Test VO2 Max

What is the VO2 max testing protocol?

VO2 testing is a maximal test on the treadmill or Watt bike, depending upon your sport. The intensity is gradually increased at 1 minute intervals until you cannot sustain the required workload and you are forced to stop the test. Most athletes are forced to abandon the maximal phases of each test following 7-9 minutes of exercise. Following the maximal test we will calculate VO2 max (ml/kg/min), anaerobic threshold and peak heart rate. The test results are use to analyse your personal areas of strength and weakness and also to calculate your training zones. Why should I book a VO2 max test? VO2 max (VO2 'peak' as we prefer) is valuable as a physiological marker for your current state of fitness. By analysing expired gases we can identify the critical point known as the anaerobic threshold (AT). The AT is crucial for development of accurate heart rate zones and training parameters. Utilizing the information from the VO2 max test we can identify the most appropriate training intensity and type of training for you specifically. If you would like to improve your ability to deal with lactate or train within an 'intensity zone' that primarily uses fat as an energy source, this test can provide the information required. From the VO2 max test you will identify: VO2 max (ml/kg/min) and peak aerobic power Anaerobic threshold (measured by gas exchange) Energy usage for any given heart rate Fuel mixture for any given heart rate Calculation of training zones How much does a VO2 max test cost? The full cost for cycle VO2 max testing is £75, the session will last approximately 2 hours in total. How do I book a test? CYCLISTS - CLICK HERE TO BOOK A TEST ONLINE RUNNERS - CLICK HERE TO BOOK A TEST ONLINE

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