Sports Test Watt Bike

Our qualified Watt Bike instructor can assess your fitness and establish your zones, before setting a personal schedule. Visit us on a weekly basis to complete your structured training plan, based on power and heart rate. Attend one session per week and we guarantee your bike times will improve. How does Watt Bike Testing Work? the process is simple, you start with an initial assessment at our testing facility and we conduct a series of tests. The cost for initial assessment is £40. Following that, we provide you with a set of heart rate zones and cycle power zones specific to the watt bike. From there we will give you basic advice, based upon your cycling or triathlon objectives and advise you which sessions you should be doing on a weekly basis such as long ride, interval and tempo workouts. Following the session you will receive: 1. Heart rate zones 2. Power zones (specific to the watt bike) 3. Analysis of your pedal technique (Polar View) 4. Power to weight ratio 5. Maximal 3 minute power average 6. Peak force production 7. Basic training advice for your weekly schedule NB: If you wish to complete a more in-depth cycle analysis which includes metabolic data such as fat usage and economy scores, in addition to anaerobic threshold calculation, go to services > sports science testing > vo2 max testing sessions >  cycling vo2 max testing. Following the watt bike testing session, your overall weekly plan will be a basic overview. If you require more in depth coaching, go to services > personal coaching programmes > select you appropriate sport. What happens following my Watt Bike assessment? Following your Watt Bike assessment we can construct a power based training schedule which is guaranteed to improve your performance on the bike. You can then attend our training facility once per week (more if required) and our qualified watt bike and endurance coach instructor Patrick Walkington will coach you for an hour and put you through your cycling paces! The cost of each watt bike personal coaching session is £30. We guarantee that one interval session each week, combined with your other training sessions as prescribed, will boost your performance. By repeating the assessment every 8-12 weeks, we will monitor your progress and show you the improvements made. To make an appointment, email