Aquasphere Kayenne Goggle Clear Lens EP3140115LC

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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swimming Goggles are the goggles of choice for many swimmers and is a particular favourite for triathlon having been previously voted "Best on Test" by 220 Triathlon and are now FINA approved.

Unique oversized curved lens technology and contoured frame design the Kayenne swim goggles provides expanded 4-point vision combined with its low profile micro frame resulting in less drag for a more hydrodynamic performance.  The lens gives a significant reduction of light transmission, good for bright light and outdoor swimming. The latex free, hypoallergenic, Softeril skirt is soft and comfortable to provide an assured seal.

The Kayenne Goggles are the ideal choice of swimming goggles for everyday pool use, for swim training, recreational swimming, for swimming competitions or open water and triathlon use.