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Open water season is about to comments and shortness of breath, potentially leading to panic attacks are one of the most common issues among novices. In this week's blog, we talk about the physiology behind the problem. It's all about the CO2 Your breathing and heart rate are largely controlled by CO2 levels in your blood stream. In simple terms, when you start to exercise, you create CO2, which accumulates in your blood. You have receptors in your bloody system which detect the rise in CO2 and they send a message to your heart and lungs to 'speed up'. When...

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When I first learned to swim, I'd be first to the local pool in the morning and as I walked through the changing area, I'd have only one thought in my mind "I hope that space is free by the wall so I can swim up and down without interruption". As I entered the pool area, I generally found that it had already been taken by a guy doing breast stroke who is clearly intent on standing his ground and will kick out at anyone who encroaches within 5m of his space. How the hell did he get changed so...

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