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Anxiety on race day (part 1) - What's the worry?

On twitter recently I've noticed a growing trend for 'virtual races' or 'virtual events'. If you're not familiar with them, the basic principle is that you go and run 10k or any other distance (you can run any time, wherever you like) and then you send an email, proving you've ran 10k, who then sends you a medal for your efforts. There's no results, you're not running at the same time as other people, you simply go for a run and then you get a medal for it. Now... I've got a few thoughts on this... firstly I'd like to...

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Swim Club Blog: Bilateral Breathing, Yes or No?

It's one of the oldest debates in triathlon coaching, do i need to learn how to bilaterally breathe? First of all, just to clarify the term, bilateral breathing means that you can breathe to both left and right sides when swimming. Most people have a preferred side when swimming and some people can only breathe to one specific side. It's fair to say that those who can breathe to the left and the right with equal level of efficiency are in the minority, this is particularly true for those people who came to swimming in their later years rather than...

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Are we training to race or just training to train?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about 'what counts as a great workout' and questioned how so many people are now focused on 'output' rather than 'intensity' during their training sessions and whether this was beneficial. This has largely been driven by the increasing use of apps, devices and power meters to monitor our training sessions. You can read the blog in full by GOING HERE Same day, same fitness, different result. A cold, but clear November morning and I'm lined up to start the cycle time trial for our local winter duathlon. The legs feel a...

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Training Intensity - What Counts As A Great Workout?

Over the last 10 years I've noticed an ever increasing focus on training intensities and the process of monitoring and evaluating. I think in the last 10 years, a lot of the focus for athletes has switched to 'training' rather than 'racing'. People are more concerned about power measurements and other training data than they are about race performances. It appears in some cases than the 'end goal' is in fact progressing training stats rather than race day performances. However, that's another blog for another day, the purpose of this blog is to ask, with the ever increasing focus on...

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The Injurance Blog Pt7 - Illiotibial Band Syndrome

In addition to our regular Endurance Blog, which covers topics related to endurance coaching and nutrition, we will also be publishing Injurance Blog, which cover common injury topics for endurance athletes. We work in conjunction with A6 Physiotherapy and Axis Podiatry who contribute their expert advice for each blog post. If you have any questions, post them on THE ENDURANCE STORE Facebook Page, where this blog in posted. What does the physio say? Iliotibial band syndrome (also known as IT band syndrome, ITB syndrome, or ITBS) is one of the most common overuse injuries among runners and cyclists. Iliotibial band...

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