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Why, despite training hard, do I not get faster each year?

I like to consider myself to be a 'regular exerciser'. I'm generally training 1-2 times per day and I know how to structure my training towards my end goal. I've been taking part in triathlons and ultra endurance racing for 30 years. If I were to ask whether I've got faster in the last 10 years, the answer is probably no, my level has stayed the same, with the exception of a few marginal changes. This made me slightly sad as I seemed to be flogging myself every day of the week and probably train 20 hour per week. Of...

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Swimmers, you'll never be perfect, so focus on the CRITICAL things!

Swimmers are obsessed with swim technique. No, let me correct myself... triathletes are obsessed with swim technique. Most of my 'swimming friends' just get on with swimming whereas my triathlete friends think that 'endless drills' are the only way forwards. It's easy to become so obsessed with swim technique that we chase unachievable perfection and forget to do the necessary basics. A common coaching method is to compare yourself with the best in the world and then try to copy them. For example, go and video yourself swimming front crawl. Then compare yourself with a video of Michael Phelps swimming front...

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Pedal Science Blog: What Is The Importance of Hip Angle?

Welcome to Pedal Science, the weekly bike fitting blog by Nick Thomas of The Endurance Coach. This week we look at the subject of HIP ANGLE and cycling performance.  When people determine their riding position they almost always focus on how much knee extension they have, sometimes assess their reach but rarely pay any attention to their range of hip flexion while riding. The 'hip angle' is a term used frequently in bike fitting articles and refers to the angle between the torso and the thigh at the top of the pedal stroke: as the foot travels towards the bottom...

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Pedal Science Blog: Fit Your Bike To Run Faster

Welcome to Pedal Science, the weekly bike fitting blog by Nick Thomas of The Endurance Coach. This week we look at the subject of BIKE FIT & RUNNING PERFORMANCE.  When setting up a bike most triathletes (and bike fitters) are aware that the riding position will affect comfort and efficiency and that a correctly fitted bike will result in a faster bike split. However what appears to be overlooked in the majority of cases we see is how the position affects the run split. Physical deterioration can be considerable during the run in a triathlon and the longer the event...

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Swim Club Blog: Is Swimming The Least Important Of The 3 Triathlon Disciplines?

I've heard it so many times I've heard it so many times... "the swim is the shortest part of the triathlon, you spend much more time on the bike and run, so your training time should reflect that". If you're a weaker swimmer then that might be music to your ears, but sadly it's not the truth and I'm here to explain why you need to re-think your view. Every year I see triathletes lining up at the start of the swim, dreading the first discipline. You can tell that all they're thinking is "once this is over and I...

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