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Swim Club Blog: Is there a draft or is it me?

If you follow our blogs, you'll know that we are big fans of 'race specific' training. A real bugbear of mine is that triathlon is becoming more about the 'training' and less about the racing. We swim in the pool doing various drills, watching out splits per 100m and then on race day, often fail to deliver. Training is no more than a means of conditioning but 'race craft' is key for performance. For example, if you train in open water you should swim close to others, in rough water at a faster pace as that's what you have to...

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Pedal Science Blog: How to solve HOT FOOT when cycling and running

Many people competing in long distance cycling or triathlons report a burning feeling in the ball of the foot after a certain length of time. The pain is usually only reduced by unclipping, unweighting the foot and wiggling the toes. The result of 'hot foot' is increasing discomfort and the inability to maintain a consistent power output. This pain can often be extremely painful for cyclists, but for Ironman competitors, it's often when they finish the cycle ride and start to run that the pain becomes most severe. Often the pain in the ball of the foot can be so...

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Swim Club Blog: Variety is nice, but not necessarily better

A wise man once said to me "If you need a large white board to write your swim session on, then it's too complicated". He went further to add "Variety is for people who can't concentrate for long periods of time, or for those who are mentally weak". The issue with variety during a swim session is that when you only have an hour to spare, by the time you've factored in some drills, some variety and a collection of swimming toys which fasten to your hands, elbows and feet, whilst an electronic gadget beeps into your ear.... there isn't...

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Pedal Science Blog: Don't Reach Too Far!!

Welcome to Pedal Science, the weekly bike fitting blog by Nick Thomas of The Endurance Coach. This week we look at the subject of HANDLEBAR REACH and cycling performance.  One of the most common problems we see when bike fitting is the rider over reaching. This can be attributable to one or more of the following potential causes: The frame is too big The stem is too long The saddle is positioned too far back The rider is sitting with a slumped posture The rider has added tri bars to a road bike... which rarely works! Over reaching can lead...

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Swimming open water? Take the rough rather than the smooth

It's a common feeling, you get into the pool when nobody else is in there and the water is perfectly still and calm. Gliding through that calm water is effortless and it all feels so easy. Suddenly 5 other people get into the lane and start thrashing up and down. The water starts to churn up and that effortless glide soon disappears. Now multiply that by 100 when you take part in a mass open water swim start. Everyone is thrashing and the water is so choppy it feels like you're in a washing machine. Gliding is out of the...

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