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Swim Club Blog: Assessing Your Swim

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The Endurance Store Swim Club provides you with simple swim training plans throughout the winter months. The plan runs October to October and is completely free. We only ask that you pre-register so that your training plans can be emailed directly. Registration is free and you may unsubscribe at any time from the Swim Club and stop receiving updates. Overview of the swim plan be seen below, but before you start you need to complete a test to set your swim paces, then register and download the sessions.GO HERE to register for swim club. Following the plan: Each week we...

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Nailing The Long Run - Pacing Is Critical

It's very common for endurance athletes to get the 'training zone' thing very wrong. Variation is critical and I'm a believer that easy sessions should be easy and high intensity/interval sessions should be hard. Many athletes tend to drift into the middle ground where all the training is done at a very similar intensity. It's far more common for athletes to run 'too quickly' on long runs, it's very rare that they are running too slow. Most runners have a 'Sunday pace' which they naturally 'slip into' and this is generally a bit too quick. A run of 16-18 miles...

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Entering a big event in 2018? You don't want to peak too early!!

It's something we hear on a regular basis as endurance athletes... you don't want to peak too early! It's Autumn 2017 and you've entered a major event in July 2018. It's a long way away and you don't want to hit your peak too early for fear of 'losing it' before the big day in July, so what's the answer? Here's the first thing to consider. Most people don't really understand the subject of 'peaking' and they really don't know what they should be doing throughout the year to reach July in top shape. Generally, people's knowledge doesn't go much...

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Assess Your Strengths & Weaknesses, START RIGHT NOW!!

We've only reached September 2017 and yet I'm sure you have your goals for next year already set, or perhaps you have a couple of ideas that you're toying with before making the final decision? With most of the major events already done, now is the time of year when athletes take a look back at how they performed. Did it all go to plan and did you manage the finish times you'd hoped for? Are you hoping for better next year or have you changed your targets to try your hand at something different? Either way, an evaluation and...

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Support shoes or neutral shoes? Does it really matter?

This has got to be the oldest debate in running shop history, are you a neutral runner or do you pronate? Neutral shoe or support shoe? The reality is that the majority of people pronate (land on outside of heel and roll inwards to push off big toe) to some extent. The reason for this is purely 'balance'. When standing, we tend to place our feet directly below our hips, so both legs run vertically down. However, when you stand on one leg, you'll shift your weight to the left or right so that single foot is directly underneath your...

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